Amazon S3 Stats

We’re a small business…and we oversee the development of website and socia media for other small businesses. We rely heavily on our knowledge but to have a functioning business, we also have to rely on software.

We research our software…like, we really research our software. We want the biggest bang for our buck. We want no fuss, easy-to-use platforms. We want updates that matter and most importantly, we want knowledgeable, uncomplicated, and quick support response. We don’t ask for much, just a solid product.

When it comes to our podcasting metrics, we use Amazon’s S3 Stat.

Our client, Predator Cycling, is a charming SoCal bike manufacturing shop in the industrial heart of Santa Monica, CA. They tickle our funny bones each week with their cycling shop banter highlighted in their “Predator Feed Zone” podcast, found on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

In order to properly relay their subscription and download stats, we had to find something compatible with their WordPress business website.

At first, we tried a complicated FTP Client upload method for posting and retaining statistics. So many unnecessary steps were associated with this system. We felt like we weren’t getting correct measurements and metrics. Subscription numbers would fluctuate or disappear completely from reporting. It was time for a new direction.

Amazon’s S3 Stat affords us the opportunity to clearly and concisely upload audio files and WordPress hyperlinks to monitor podcast viewership. We can easily report accurate download levels and decipher what content received a higher audience reach. Predator Cycling can now better moderate their podcast content, gain exposure, and entertain the masses worldwide. We’re very pleased to utilize S3 Stat for more of our customers in the future.

When setting up a podcast its very important that your listeners can download your episodes speedily. No one wants to see the pinwheel of death for an audio file. We moved the podcast over to Amazon S3 with CloudFront,  Amazon’s CDN and storage service. With S3 we get very secure web storage and CloudFront lets us use Amazon’s CDN package fully. The main problems with podcasts are receiving accurate and easily deciphered statistics. With Stat 3 it took about 5 minutes to set up their logging and recording system with our WordPress site.

It’s a pretty great service and they even have a “Cheap Bastard Plan” This plan allows you to review and write a blog post saying how amazing their product is and you receive free lifetime use. As great as this deal is, it’s not hard to blog about because their software is just that good. We track the podcast RSS feed with FeedPress and that gives us a lot of listener data, but we also wanted to track total download statistics and that is what we get with S3 Stat. We know every single time a podcast is downloaded so we have a lot more information to build off of for future marketing of Predator Cycling. It is truly a great service.

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